Metella Road Public School

Aim High

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Early Stage 1


Early Stage 1 Plant Week 4
Monday ch-book worksheet
Monday Cut Paste Write sign words
Monday Friends of 10 worksheet
Monday Number Facts to 10 Information Sheet
Monday Rainbow Serpent
Monday The Magic Beach
Tuesday and Wednesday Friends of 10 Memory Cards
Tuesday Friends of 10 rainbow
Tuesday How to play Friends of 10 Memory
Tuesday Tim and Tom
Wednesday ch sort
Wednesday Grasshopper drawing
Wednesday Number Facts to 10
Wednesday sight word Week 4
Wednesday Tim and Tom's Photo Reader
Thursday ch sort
Thursday Graph the shapes
Thursday Interpreting data
Thursday Science Investigation
Friday Collecting data and graphing
Friday Grasshopper facts
Friday Keeping Active Choice Grid
Friday Label The Parts Of A Grasshopper
Friday Sight Word Board Game
Number Cards 1 -20


Early Stage 1 Plan Week 3
Number Cards 1-20
Monday Geography Sort the Rubbish
Monday Maths instructions and worksheet
Monday Roll A Sight Word
Monday sh worksheet
Monday sight word flash cards week 3
Monday Optional Task sharing a shell create a scene
Tuesday How To Wash Your Hands
Tuesday My Book
Tuesday Roll and Add game
Wednesday Addition Stories Worksheet
Wednesday Ant Directed Drawing
Wednesday Sh board game
Wednesday sight words Week 3
Wednesday The Lazy Bee
Thursday Collecting Data
Thursday sh ending worksheet
Thursday sh worksheet
Friday Ant Worksheet
Friday ant-facts-for-kids
Friday data and graph activity
Friday Keeping Active Choice Grid


Early Stage 1 Plan Week 2
Monday Subitising Activity
Monday Science Label-the-five-senses
Monday Little Dog Reader
Monday Independent task subitising
Monday Colour by Beginning Sound
Tuesday single sounds board game
Tuesday Maths Collections
Wednesday using sounds to write new words
Wednesday Step by step drawing
Wednesday sight words Week 2
Wednesday Ordering objects worksheet
Wednesday ordering numbers
Wednesday My Family Reader
Thursday Single Sounds
Thursday Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Thursday Ladybug Lifecycle Reader
Thursday Day or Night
Thursday brushing teeth
Friday SequencingActivity
Friday Mothers Day Card
Friday Keeping Active Choice Grid
Sight word flash cards Week 2
Happy Mother's Day handprints


Early Stage 1 Plan Week 1 (241.0KB)
Wednesday Single Sounds - Sounding Out CVC Words (317.0KB)
Wednesday - Number Cards 1-20 (157.8KB)
Wednesday - Counting Backwards (155.3KB)
Thursday - The Ladybug Reader (294.8KB)
Thursday - Subitising Practise (661.1KB)
Thursday - Subitising Dot Patterns (219.8KB)
Thursday - Sight Word Revision Concentration Game (152.7KB)
Thursday - Sight Word Revision Board Game (135.4KB)
Friday Writing - Sight Word Card (419.2KB)
Friday - Soundng out Activity (136.4KB)
Friday - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Reader (1.5MB)
Friday - Circles about Me (55.6KB)
Friday - Caterpillar days of the Week (222.9KB)