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Year 3


Year 3 Plan Week 4
Term 2 Week 4 Spelling Words
Monday Concept unit worksheet 
Monday Maths Addition Worksheet
Monday Maths Problem Solving Activity
Monday PDHPE Term 2 Week 4 Worksheet 1
Tuesday Maths Problem Solving Activity
Tuesday Maths Subtraction worksheet
Tuesday Music 
Wednesday Geography Worksheet 1
Wednesday Heads or Tail Table
Wednesday Interpreting Column Graphs Worksheet
Wednesday Modelled Explanation
Thursday Independent Revision Activity
Thursday Science Week 4  Worksheet 1
Friday Data Worksheet
Friday Dice Table
Friday Modelled Explanation
Friday Week 4 Visual Arts 
Literacy Menu - Geography
Literacy Menu – Spelling Week 4
Literacy Menu - Thinking Creatively Grid
Literacy Menu T2W4
Literacy Menu- Writing


Year 3 Plan Week 3
Monday - Addition and Subtraction Introduction
Monday - Addition Independent Activity
Monday - Mathematics Warm Up
Monday PDHPE Term 2 Week 3 Worksheet 1
Monday PDHPE Term 2 Week 3 Worksheet 2
Monday Concept Unit Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Tuesday - Number Line Addition and Subtraction
Tuesday - Number Line Introduction
Tuesday Music _ Drama Week 3
Wednesday - Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Wednesday - Steps for Solving Word Problems
Wednesday Geography Worksheet Week 3 
Thursday- Collecting and presenting data
Thursday- Extension Days of Sunshine
Thursday- Heads or Tail Table
Thursday- Maths Modelled Explaination
Thursday- Reading Pictograms
Thursday Science Week 3 Worksheet
Friday- Column Graph Worksheet
Friday- Dice Table
Friday- Extension Worksheet
Friday- Maths Modelled worksheet
Friday Visual Arts Term 2 Week 3
Literacy Menu - Response to Text Grid - week 3
Literacy Menu – Spelling Week 3
Literacy Menu - Visual Arts Choice Board
Literacy Menu- Term 2 Week 3 Spelling Words
Literacy Menu- Writing Prompt


Year 3 Plan Week 2
Geography Activity Week 2
Place value to Thousands worksheet and examples
Week 2 Concept unit offline pack
Year 3 Literacy Menu - Week 2
Year 3 Writing Prompt – Term 2 Week 2
Flip, Draw, Expand Worksheet
Modelled Information
Place Value Battleship
Place Value Grid
Wednesday Modelled Information
Wednesday- Place Value Challenge Worksheet
Monday- From Words to Numbers 
Monday- Making Four Digit Numbers Worksheet 
Monday Modelled Information
Monday- Percy_s Place Value Puzzle
Monday- Unscramble the numbers worksheet 
Science Week 2 Print Out
Spelling words year 3
Thursday - Hands of an analog clock
Tuesday- 4 Digit Number of the Day Worksheet
Literacy Menu - Response to Text Grid - week 1
Literacy Menu – Spelling Week 2
Number of the Day Investigation
Literacy Menu - Geography 
Health worksheet Monday
Health Worksheet Friday
Friday - Day in the life


Year 3 Plan Week 1 (211.6KB)
Year 3 Literacy Menu (76KB)
Writing Prompt (994KB)
Concept Unit (97KB)
Science (281KB)
Relection (62KB)
Greater than, less than, equal game (37KB)
Geography (524KB)
Crocodile posters (133KB)
Telling time poster (135KB)
Make you own clock (578KB)
See, think, wonder - writing activity (119KB)
Response to Text Grid (17KB)
Number of the day investigation (24KB)
Literacy Menu - Science (32KB)
Time Worksheet (125KB)


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