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Year 5


Year 5 Plan Week 4
Year 5 Spelling List Week 4
Week 4 Sentence A Day
Monday Week 4 Problem Solving Worksheet
Tuesday Addition and Subtraction Lesson 1
Tuesday Balance and Coordination Week 4
Tuesday Science Lesson 4
Tuesday Week 4 Spelling
Wednesday Addition and Subtraction Lesson 2
Wednesday English Week 4
Wednesday Health My Identity Lesson 4
Wednesday Week 4 Music Lesson Y5
Wednesday Wellness Wednesday Yoga Week 4
Thursday Addition and Subtraction Lesson 3
Friday Addition and Subtraction Lesson 4
Friday English Week 4
Friday Spaceman Worksheet
Friday Visual Art Week 4 Perspective Drawing Y5


Year 5 Plan Week 3
Fitness Bingo Week 3
Identifying Narrative Structure and Features
Independent Activity Grid
Narrative Thunderstorm Example Week 3
Problem Solving Week 3
Structure and Features of a Narrative
Week 3 Reading Activity
Lesson 1 Picture and Column graphs
Narrative Sequencing Activity
Science Lesson 3
Spelling Worksheet
English Week 3 Lesson 1
Lesson 2 Interpreting A Line Graph
PD Health My Identity Lesson 3
Week 3 Drama Lesson
Generating Great Ideas for Writing
Independent Geography Research Task
India fact sheet
Lesson 3 Summer Holiday Temperatures Line Graph
English Week 3 Lesson 2
Lesson 4 Length of a Shadow
Year 5 Spelling List Week 3


Year 5 Plan Week 2
English Friday Week 2
English Wednesday Week 2
Independent Geography Research Task
India fact sheet
Lesson 1 Year 5 Ordering Whole Numbers
Lesson 2 Year 5 Creating and Comparing Whole Numbers
Lesson 3 Year 5 Abbreviations using Whole Numbers
Lesson 4 Year 5 Rounding Whole Numbers
Lesson 5 Year 5 Whole Numbers Rounding
Narrative Planning Template
Week 2 Music Lesson
Week 2 Science Importance of Choosing Materials Worksheet
Week 2 Sentence A Day
Week 2 Spelling
Week 2 Visual Art Drawing a 3D Star
Wellness Wednesday Week 2
What Are Narrative Texts
Whats Your Name Workout
Year 5 My Identity - Lesson Two
Year 5 Spelling List Week 2


Year 5 Plan Week 1 (137KB)
My Identity Lesson (129KB)
Visual Art Shading 3D Shapes (121KB)
Sentence a Day (95KB)
Science Investigation Materials (112KB)
Drama Lesson (132KB)
Time Lesson 3 (164KB)
Time Lesson 2 (103KB)
Novel Study Making Predictions (107KB)
Novel Study Chapters 1 &2 (114KB)
Measuring time - 24 Hour time (665KB)
Geography Thinker's Keys & Thinking Tasks (111KB)
Exercise Bingo (90KB)

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