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Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular Activites offered at Metella Road Public School


Junior dance group performance




Junior RED Dance Group


The Junior RED Dance group is made up 24 students from grades 1, 2 and 3. The students meet every Tuesday where they have the opportunity to work together in a team environment to learn a dance routine. This year the Junior RED Dance group is travelling back to the 1950's to explore a range of rock'n'roll moves from this era. Stay tuned for future performance dates.


Junior GREEN Dance Group

The Junior GREEN Dance group is made up of students from grades 1, 2 and 3. The students meet every Monday where they work together to learn a dance routine. The focus for Junior Dance GREEN is to have fun and improve their confidence in their dancing abilities.


Senior Dance

The Senior Dance Group consisted of 16 children from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. They meet weekly on Tuesday afternoons and lunch time to learn dances from a variety of genres. This year the Senior Dance group is performing an item called scared of me. The senior dance group was successful in their audition for the SYNERGY dance festival which will be held in June.


                                        Senior Dance



Pulse Choir

Years 5-6 students audition for a place in Choir A. This choir endeavours to perform in two events, namely PULSE and Arts Alive. Further details will be shared when we have been accepted into these prestigious performance opportunities and students will be informed of their success after auditions.



                             Pulse choir


Drumming Group

The Drumming group involves students from Stage 3 who meet weekly to learn and explore a variety of drumming patterns and rhythms from around the world.


Junior Choir

The Junior Choir consisted of children from K-2 classes. They meet weekly to sing a variety of songs. Students in the Junior Choir have the opportunity to perform at K-6 Assemblies and at Westpoint Blacktown during Education Week.  Students have developed a love and appreciation of singing and music from a variety of genres.

                           Junior Choir           




Senior Choir

All of the singers involved in the Senior Choir demonstrate commitment and dedication. They attend regular rehearsals each week and learn the very important and challenging skill of choral singing.  The students are committed to learning new songs, to face the challenge of learning two part harmonies in soprano and alto parts and to showing a love for and enjoyment of singing.


Drawing Club:

Weekly drawing club sessions are held for students in Years 2-6. This club is available to any student who has an interest in pursuing their passion for drawing.


Drama Club

Drama club is available to students in Years 3-6 to explore and develop the necessary techniques in creating and performing drama. Students meet on a weekly basis to learn small skits, participate in drama skill development and work together as a team.



Debating is offered to students in stage 2 and 3. We participate in debating competitions with other schools in our local area. This year we have 2 debating teams representing Metella Road Public School. Debating allows students to develop their public speaking and presenting skills.


Gardening Club

Gardening Club consists of two groups of about 20-25 students in each.  Group one will be involved in gardening in Term 1 and Term 2 and the second group will get a chance later on in Term 3 and Term 4.  Students meet every Tuesday and are involved in various tasks such as: weeding, planting of seeds and maintaining our garden. So far we have planted some carrots, red radishes and peas.  Students enjoy checking the growth progress of our vegies and taking on the responsibility for watering them. Stay tunes for further developments in our garden.








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